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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
The pink tape belongs to the little girl - she's my daughter.

I stick to red or black. Usually black. But she's got the whole pink ensemble - pink tape, pink Coyotes jersey, pink socks.
Here's a question for you. When you play shinny or pickup (if you do at all, not sure since I haven't been following this thread lately) do you find that you receive preferential treatment? By that I mean, do opposing players not only stop checking you when you have the puck, but they poke it or pass it back to you when you lose it or other similar things?

I was at a pickup last night, the beginner's level before my game was going on and they were short people so I joined one team to help out. There were two girls on my team and everyone on the opposing team went out of their way to give them preferential treatment. There was one point where everything stopped and everybody stopped moving while the one girl stood at the top of the crease whacking at a puck over and over again while the goalie kept his pad down and didn't cover it up.

It became quite obvious to me that they only did this cause they were pretty girls. It seems a little over the top imo. It's fine to give beginners a few extra touches and more room to maneuver, but what they were doing isn't going to make those players any better.

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