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Originally Posted by Clownquestion View Post
I keep telling myself that as long as I keep skating/playing 3 times a week, improvement is inevitable. I can't possibly get worse, right?

It's paying off, since last night the coach came up to me and said that in all honesty, he's seen so much improvement in my skating since I started coming to that class. Yeah me! Another coach told me that a couple of weeks ago - that my skating is much better and I'm getting faster, and a teammate told me my positioning is markedly improved.

So I'm on the right track!

Today I'm going to an all day hockey camp for adults. Ice in the morning, water park in the late afternoon. Should be lots of fun, plus lots of learning.
You do the right thing and do clinics and camp. I know a lot of guys who do not really improve because they think if they play 2-3 times a week improvement is just going to happen. Not really. To improve you have to try and practice things you're not good at, and most people don't do it, cause it's not as much fun as doing something they can. Stepping out of your comfort zone will bring improvement, if you keep at it.

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