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Originally Posted by Catamo View Post
Face off Stat is completely irrelevant as the amount of effect it has on a teams success can already be found in the teams points and goal differential. Including it would be as silly as including Blocked Shots, Hits, Takeaways, etc.
EVERYTHING at the end of day is eventually reflected in points/goal diff.
Where's the fun it that?
You must that guy in any power rankings thread that provides a link the league standings...

to your post -Would that really be silly tho?
Why not put all those Real Time stats as group and weighing them appropriately, wouldnt it be further reflective of strengths and weaknesses of teams and therefore a component of a teams overall "power"?

Albeit at fraction the worth of ROW% or points etc...

I'll do what I usually do as crude measure of correlation.... Take the top 5 teams in the league and bottom 5 teams in the league and then try to determine if overall there is any significant correlation with rankings in various categories.

i.e. Blocked shots:3 of the bottom 4 you have the President;s Trophy winner, and the 2 Stanley Cup finalists... So we can regard that stat as meaningless... right? or is it statdium effect... obviously ill have to check over a few years.

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