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Thank you so much for the report-stellar work!
As a fan of the Euros, I was delighted at Zharkovs early progress, and thought he looked sensational. I know he hit a huge slump, and had an up and down finish, but really looked a top guy.
I am very excited at the thought of him and Kuptsov.
Did the latter look to have improved his finishing?

Originally Posted by ImaBullsfan View Post
Ok i've been to all scrimmages and i have some thoughts:
Lavigne-16yr old, goalie of the future, will play lots with wellington dukes
Graham and Banitsiotis excellent camps one will back up subban, both deserve to play in the o

DeSousa-wow this kid has moves and calmness, very patient and has stud writen all over him
Morris- needs more seasoning with the dukes, but plays with an edge, mixed it up with Sandlak tonite

Berisha-good camp, very sturdy and good shot, will benefit by playing with vets
M.Cramarossa-pretty much invisable, might need more time
Coric-great hands and vision, alittle on the small side, kyle wellwood clone
Ming-good future, needs seasoning
Petti-comes as advertised, sick hands, great speed reminds me of Bryan Cameron
Heffernan-steal in the 4th rd, big, good skater, loves to hit, IMO should be on the team
Girduckis-as a walk-on very impressive, already signed with wellington
Bricknell-free-agent, not a chance, terrible skater
Cobbold-Price- will be back again next year
Ross-still at camp, might be injured?

Impressions of Vets-
Zharkov-man on a mission, wants to prove that he should have gone earlier in NHL draft
J.Cramarossa-great moves, speed to burn, looking for a BIG year
Brassard- grew up, and bulked up to 207lbs, wants to be more physical this year
Simmonds-should be in wellington, cant see taking ice from a rookie for a 19yold with 3-5 goals per year
Austin-big time future pro, trimmed some fat over the summer, ready to log big minutes
Shaw-overager, steady eddie, doesnt back down from anyone
J.Subban-look for a break-out year, learned alot at ivan hlinka tourny
Kuptsov-big russian, pro shot, will thrive here in belvegas, with Zharkov
Sandlak-look for a offensive break-out by the physical power-forward
Carnevale-speedster, hits like a train, might shock people
Silas-OA d-man, could bring a good return in trade if dealt
Bignell-people say he has grown? fringe player
Gaunce-look for huge #'s, all-star and WJ team
M.Subban-sky's the limit, all-star and WJ team

George and Staff have TOUGH decisions to make, look for some vets to get bumped

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