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09-01-2012, 02:40 PM
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But even with that, don't get that logic. If anything, you'd think that the NCAA would be interested in opening up a market at least the size of British Columbia or to develop more of a following in Canada then they do now.
No offense but Canadians wouldn't fill the requirements to be NCAA fan(atics). It's not in our makeup to fill hockey rinks for college hockey (unless they are small rinks in a city with no pro or major junior CHL team. In the Great White North the pecking order is NHL, Major Junior (CHL), AHL. You can forget the rest as far as attracting 1,000's of fan(atics). The junior league that the NCAA recruits from is referred to as CJHL Tier II and is made up mostly of players who weren't good enough to stick with CHL teams.

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