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09-01-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by frag2 View Post
Same though I don't hate FPS.

It's funny because back in the day, when I actually went to an arcade to play say Street Fighter 2 or something, you end up having fun even if you lose. Nowadays, with online gaming, any genre you sign into, you end up playing against kids/grown ups that spend majority of their life playing these games religiously to the point their skill level makes it no fun. And when I mean religiously, I mean they go home after work/school and just game. Nothing else.

For me, online gaming is generally with friends for good ol' lolz
You honestly think that **** like XBL and PSN is more hardcore than the old arcade scene? Were you paying attention to the people in those places? "Back in the day" is when everyone was putting in those hours, now they're just carrying them over. It doesn't take a religious effort at all to be good at any modern game if you've been in a genre that long.

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