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09-01-2012, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RoytoSakic View Post
Do me a favour will you
Go find Hayley Wickenheiser, meet her face to face, tell her she doesn't deserve to be in the game and that she's overrated. If you filmed it that would be even better.

Also is that fear I sense? Are all you anti-Hayley/Angela boys really that scared that women are going to take over the NHL franchise? Want to know why us "white knights" that you keep making fun of don't care what their rated?

If women and girls want to live their dreams by playing as either woman in the NHL on a video game then they can. Your probably one of those boys that thinks girls shouldn't be even allowed to play boys hockey at any level in any league.

I would like to add something in the realm of a short pier and a long walk but I'm sure that's against the rules.
Yup, this is all it is. A lot of the whining about the legends to me sounds like "Wahhh but I said NO GIRLS in my treehouse!!" It won't have any impact on the actual gameplay (seriously, even in HUT it will be almost irrelevant that they're there); it's just an addition that makes the game more inclusive of girls/women.

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