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Originally Posted by syz View Post
You honestly think that **** like XBL and PSN is more hardcore than the old arcade scene? Were you paying attention to the people in those places? "Back in the day" is when everyone was putting in those hours, now they're just carrying them over. It doesn't take a religious effort at all to be good at any modern game if you've been in a genre that long.
Nope. Not saying its hardcore at all, saying nowadays you can't really have fun like since 1 hour after launch, its not hard to find someone 20+ levels ahead, unlike back then where you can go to any arcade and you're bound to have some enjoyment out of it-win or lose. Don't know about you, but if I game, I prefer to have some fun out of it, not a) constantly lose because some kid played the game hard core and b) deal with immature individuals, not just kids, whining, *****ing, making racial slurs all session long

Not sure where you read me saying its hardcore and that tone of yours...

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