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09-01-2012, 05:14 PM
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It must be a strange situation for young Kuznetsov to have two entities feel like they are "entitled" to his hockey skills.

You want an example of the purported Russian factor that makes some players slip? This is a prime example here. Washington takes him, with a history of bringing players over without a problem like in the case of Semin, Ovechkin, Orlov, etc. and when it turns out he would rather play at HOME where his family is located, make BETTER money than he would in the first three years of his NHL contract, and be BELOVED by his native countrymen all of a sudden he is viewed as a problem?

Any time you put a pick on a player all you do is put yourself first in line to be able to sign them. Kuznetsov is not a slave. I swear some people look at this situation like they are enlisting hockey slaves and to stay home, where its comfortable, is somehow illegal or shows a lack of character.

If the player is more comfortable at home, then he should play at home. If the NHL is not where he wants to play right now, he should play where he wants to play. I would be more angry at my GM for not finding out for certain where a player wants to be before drafting him than the kid, who was 17 when he was selected, not being able to make a decision right away.

The fact is that there are some good leagues outside of the NHL and players would rather play in a first league in Russia, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, etc. than play in a second rate league like the AHL in North America. It's that simple.

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