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09-01-2012, 08:19 PM
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Is anyone else as disappointed in the hitting this year as I am? I've put a little time in the demo, and it's not nearly as good as last year or even when they first introduced it.

Players are bouncing, or rolling on the ice. I have rarely seen a player roll on the ice after getting hit by virtue of momentum and not of their own volition. The fact that it's ice makes it so any momentum you had when hit would cause a slide, not a roll.

Beyond that, there's players bouncing on the ice after they land like bouncy-balls. When you hit a player, sometimes their torso stays still and their feet go backwards. News flash, if you hit someone in their center of gravity in their torso, their torso stops and their legs keep going, in other words, it appears as if their torsos go backwards, not their legs. that's physics. The hits appear to be way of keel too. You can skate at someone full speed and barely hit them, then hit them a second time from a standing position and they go flying.

In NHL 12, if you hit a guy, but just hit his should or something he'd kind of spin and try and retain balance. In the demo it seems that there's no physics at all. This is the first demo I've actually gotten since 2001, so I'm hoping that they just took out some of the physics coding to make the download smaller. But the hits are extremely awkward and stiff.

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