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09-01-2012, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by NHL1674 View Post
Yikes. It certainly IS hostile in here. We need to be saved by hockey. Or a strip tease. Or LaPanta having a meltdown and feeling the need to move to Ohio. Or......or...........cute little bunnies!

What's the point of "cute" though? How does it serve us? Only people it serves are the ones who are currently being able to monetize the concept.

Originally Posted by TaLoN View Post
For the record... both my Mom and Dad love (in the case of my Dad loved) to watch movies, and as a treat I take (in the case of my Dad took) them to see movies on a regular basis.

There is nothing loser about doing things for/with your parents ever! They appreciate it very much, and spending time with your parents while they are around is an invaluable thing!
You really needed to mention your dad in past tense twice? My dad was a raving alcoholic who left my mother after I was born but not before he sold all our valuables and escaped somewhere north, only to die some years later. Yet, I don't feel the need to mention him to try and get other people to sympathize with me.

Appreciate it very much? Doubt it. I bet there are much better and more productive things any parent can do than spending time with their now-adult offspring.

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