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05-02-2006, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueJays
Excuse me Ry-Dogg, perhaps you should lay off the rye dawg, especially so early in the day.
Get your facts straight before babbling of something you know nothing of.
I happen to be privvy to the inside information in this particular instance and can tell you this FACT - Logan Couture or his agent or family NEVER told the Sting he would not report to them prior to the draft. In fact, Alan Miller visited Couture 2 weeks prior to the draft and told the family this: "If the OHL changes the draft rules to allow JT in as an exceptional player, we will definitely be drafting you."
Guelph Storm apparently made the same pomise to Couture "if he were still available" to them at #5.
Both teams ultimately made other firm commitments to Katic and Doughty approx. one week prior to the draft as it seemed to them that this was beyond the point that the league would change the draft rules to allow the exceptional player JT into the draft.
And there is really nothing wrong with that (other than they ultimately broke their promises to Couture) or the players they did commit to as they are both great young OHL D-men as well as great young men. Because of the 11th-hour change to the draft rules Couture was simply left in no-man's land without having had the chance to deal with any other teams as all high-rated prospects are normally afforded prior to draft day. In the end, he wound up being drafted by Ottawa who took a flyer before any of Kitchener, Owen Sound, or London had the chance to possibly select him later in the draft. It appears to have worked out well for all of Sarnia, Guelph and Ottawa.
Now you know the actual FACTS and maybe can remember where to place any blame next time you decide to cry 'foul'.
I was questionable about the Katic over Couture pick, but after this season Millar did a great job finding him, it was never Couture or his agent that said anything, once it was announced that Tavares would be allowed to be drafted and would be the #1 overall pick it was Logan's father that went out and said that if his son wasn't #1 overall then he was going to go the NCAA route it wasn't a direct attack at sarnia, and there was an article and everything on it right before the draft, if i can find it i'll post it on here, at the time Couture was viewed as clearly the best player in the draft next to Tavares, IMO Katic has closed the gap maybe even pulled ahead of Couture in value, but at the time he was clearly the best player, and it's strange that once finding out that they would be drafted to a team in such a small market like Sarnia the talk of going to the NCAA comes up, and i think rules should be in place so that teams can't use that to manipulate the draft so that some teams keep getting strong and others can't rebuild because this will keep getting worse

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