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The teams you mention that are struggling are either in a non traditional hockey market, or the ones that are in a traditional market are second fiddle to a team that dominates the market and had long established its footing.

There doesn't need to be three California teams in close enough proximity to eachother, there doesn't need to be two Florida teams, there doesn't need to be two teams in the far south west, one in a desert one in a football state.

There doesn't need to be three New York City area teams.

Winning a Stanley Cup doesn't suddenly make the market a viable long term hockey market.

You want a healthy league and you think the answer is to keep these teams on life support?

Question others fanhood of the sport because they understand something every other should already know...its a regional niche sport.There are places on this earth that no matter how hard you try, will NEVER sustain a major professional hockey team long term.

Spare the self riteous bull ****. There has been three lockouts (the third will happen) since 95. And the major underlying agenda has been how to keep those teams on life support.

Pull the plug.

The NHLPA won't allow it. And theres the issue with unions.

Unhappy with the league, go play somewhere else. Can't hack it at that level, tough ****. There are players in this league now that would never have sniffed a minute of NHL hockey 20 years ago.

Im not pro owner, im not pro player. Im pro hockey. And pro fan. But be realistic.

Unfortunately, there are some markets where the fans (in a general sense, im sure there are die hards, not nealry enough however) do not support their team enough.

Why should the Coyotes get so much help, while the Thrashers were allowed to relocate.

There are cities in North America that could probably sustain a team long term and be healthy enough where the revenue sharing wouldn't look as embarassing and in vain.

And you're sick of normal folk who actually work for a living and get 30K anually if they're lucky, feel resentment toward people whining over their billions and millions to host entertainment or to play a ****ing game.

This league will never be "healthy" as long as it blindly devotes itself to places that do not care about its product.

The Kings don't need the Ducks or Sharks to survive.

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