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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Why do you make posts like this?

Lets take away the hyperbole and look objectively at the Montreal Canadiens over the past several seasons.

Gauthier is not the great satan. No, he is an ineffective GM who did not have a very good concept of what it takes to win in the NHL. His record of failure speaks for itself regardless of where he has been offering his services. Good riddance.

Now to your first point that I highlighted. The Habs were the softest team in the League with no grit and no one standing up for our skilled players. We had a team with a 4th line composed of 2nd line players without the skill to play on any team's second line.

This team needed added toughness. Still could use a tough DMan willing to drop the gloves. Which leads me to Kaberle. He may be a usable DMan on a team that is not soft on D. But.......Gauthier filled this team with undersized DMen who cannot clear players out of the crease. Nor will our DMen stand up for our forwards or even our goalie.

Kaberle is not what this team needs right now. He is a square peg on a team full of square pegs when what is needed is something a little more rounded.

Trade him (as well as Diaz and Weber)
Uh. He was actually saying that PG is not the great satan.

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