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05-02-2006, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Live Forever
Guys I just don't like her attitude. She reminds me of Theodore. Always about Me Me Me and never giving credit to the team or putting blame on himself. She thinks she's got it easy over there in Carolina so before you know it, she'll be slacking off and lowering the quality of her posts and go from SuperStar poster to the boards scapgoat.

She's all about the money and not about the passion of posting. Do we need another person with a huge contract on out Montreal boards? We are just getting over Theodores whopping 5.5 million dollar contract and I heard she's asking in the same price range. And for what reason? I highly doubt she has what it takes to handle the pressure of posting on the Montreal boards. Especially with all the media and the crazy fans here. Does she even speak French? I'm sure something good will pop up for us during the offseason. I heard this years draft is full of chick posting potential so there is no reason to break the bank just yet.

You could be right, 9 whole days and doesn't know the language ? She'll never wear the C. She'd crack under the microscope. Or she'd ram the microscope..., and the media would never be an issue again.

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