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09-02-2012, 07:34 AM
Not so fast,
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The camp was great! We did it all...
Backwards skating
Backwards crossovers
Backhand passing
Shooting drills
Hockey with a tennis ball
Small area hockey where we had to pass to a teammate in the corner anytime there was a turnover
Full ice scrimmage

It was fun and helpful and I think I had the best scrimmage of my life on the small ice one. I actually stole the puck from someone, intercepted several passes and ended up with a bunch if SOG. It was great.

And I still can't do backwards crossovers BUT I have a better idea of the drills I should be doing during public sessions to get to the point where I can do them.

I understand why people don't like to practice the things they're bad at, it makes you feel like crap to suck at something and to be reminded of your suckiness. But the feeling of accomplishment is so much greater when you finally do get it!

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