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Originally Posted by Charley_5054 View Post
HM to the magnificent team effort by the Whalers and Flyers


Also, if you look closely at the skates Sittler's wearing in that pic, those are kind of a composite between the older skates, and the tuuk blades that had become popular.
Sittler wore them as did Jere Gillis (both guys wore them only for 1-2 seasons tops I think). I loved those skates, and owned a pair myself. Inexplicably, Jere Gillis was a favorite player of mine.

Does anyone recall what those skates were called?

Also, on the subject of skates, recall the old, hard shell Lange and Micron skates? I believe Kevin Lowe sported the Micron's for a few years.

Also, the old Daoust skates....

While these skates were all pretty unpopular, it seems like really defensive d-men often preferred the hard shell Lange or Micron's, while speedy, offensive (usually french) players would wear the Daoust's.

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