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09-02-2012, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
Doesn't change the fact that a puck jumping over his stick, or just being deflected would have gotten him 3-5 more goals. Not too mention him setting up teammates who had the same thing happened which prevented him from picking up 3-5 assists.

Furthermore, he helped us in the shootout. An aspect of the game which we were dreadful in and cost us a whole lot of points. He preformed well on the pk and back checked hard. However, when you want to be lazy and only see the bad from the players you might as well watch the boxscore because that's all you and most of the other people on here did.

Yes, let's complain and get rid of him after 38 games. Then, when he sucks there for a bit and then regains his form we can all cry like every one of us wanted him to stay.

Wait wait.. are you saying that he played relatively well for us last season but was just unlucky because the pucks were bouncing over his stick or his linesmates sucked too much or were also unlucky to finish his play? I know you said stats doesn't tell the whole team but Bourque's stats does give good indication of his play last year with us. 8 points in almost half season, yeah, there's nothing to be worry about. He apparently played just as well and hard as Patches, DD, Cole and Plekanec, he was just unlucky. And even if he was unlucky, let's say it gives him 7-8 pts more.. that would give him 16pts in 38 games. Wow! Big deal. His production just went from a 4th liner to a 3rd liner.

By the way, I have already state that I'm willing to give him another chance next season because everybody deserves a 2nd chance and he didn't play in the best condition last year but willing to give him another chance doesn't mean I think he effort level of last season was acceptable. You seem to be rather satisfied with his performance last year, I don't.

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