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My last post on the topic...
I loved watching the great goalies of the era (and often even the not so great ones). Ken Dryden was one of my favorites.
Recall that Dryden became well known for leaning on his stick when the puck was in the opposite end of the ice (He would put both of his hands on the butt end of his goal stick, and then rest his chin on his hands.

Another quirk Dryden had (and I don't know if he only did this in the playoffs), but he would often start the game with a Northlands goalie stick, and to start the 3rd period switch to a Canadien stick. That must have been some kind of superstition he had. As a little kid I used to think the Northlands stick was jinxed because he played way better with the Canadien stick.
In hindsight, I think he just played his best hockey when the game was on the line. He knew that team could come back and save him from any early miscues in the first couple of periods.

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