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Originally Posted by DJ Man View Post
I remember Bruce Gamble as the first with the sideburns, circa 1967.
... oh sure, and Drill Sargent Punch Imlach bribed him to shave them off. Against Military Regulations Im afraid.

Originally Posted by BubbaBoot View Post
Or Derek Sanderson's fu manchu?
... not exactly a "piece of equipment" Bubba. But as Sanderson was/is one of my all-time favourites, much under-appreciated in some quarters, I do remember him using a seriously cut down shorter stick at times, the wind-up & follow through on a slapshot amusing to watch as a result as he'd have to really compress his body & bend over to hit it with force, the follow through resulting in an uncoiling & God forbid you were skating behind when he followed through on it. Like Quasi Moto with a Northlands' Junior Pro. All elbows & stick. Wicked.

Originally Posted by IComeInPeace View Post
Aurel was pre-maturely balding, hence the black cap. Opposing players would often try and knock it off his head, showing his balding melon, and Aurel would lose his mind.
... thats hilarious. Vanity. And here I'd always thought he wore that cap to keep his head warm. Too much.

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