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09-02-2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
I'm more upset at the presence of Boullion as the alternative than I am at Kaberle.

I don't mean to hate on the cube, I've always liked him and he will bring the grit, but we really could have used some size in that role. Kaberle is what he is, we still don't yet know what we have in Markov so Kaberle at the very least is insurance, but none of our stay at home defenders are very intimidating right now. Emelin can grow into that role, but as good as Gorges is, he scares nobody. Which is fine since Gorges is a top 4 defensive player, but to balance it out, we could really use a big MFer in the bottom 6/7.
This hit the issue on the nose I think. Kaberle isn't really a bad player, he's a high scoring event player. Last year the tendency for the other team to score against him was basically compensated by the Habs tendency to score lots with him on the ice. On even strength its all about two-way game, not the individual components. Kaberle exists in the balance of some excellent offensive skills and terrible defensive ones.

Neither Kaberle's huge point totals nor his brutal goals/shots/chances against alone tells you of his worth, its the combination. Last year that combination was worth -2 in 5 on 5 play in soft minutes. Not horrible but not good either. He's got 5th defenseman overall talent with an unbalanced skill set and needs managed minutes. Which is better than a Bergeron, who is largely a 7-8th defenseman on overall merit with some PP and offensive zone skills.

The disappointment was that the team didn't look to help the Kaberle situation by finding a 5-6 defender to pair with him that will smooth out some of his deficiencies. I don't particularly care for Boullion in that role.

Emelin is the best qualified to play with Kaberle, they were a decent pairing last year, but the signs point to him being counted on to play a top 4 role.

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