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09-02-2012, 01:40 PM
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Originally Posted by kovazub94 View Post
SSM, seriously do you think either side at this point would be interested in pursuing contraction? NHLPA definitely not as it would eliminate 300 professional contacts - players jobs at all levels - which means current and potential future members. Owners? Do you think remaining "surviving" 24 owners will be willing to fork out $800 m or so of cash or more than $30 m per to settle with the departing owners?

You have to accept that this is a 30 team league now.
And he's going to have to accept that it will be a 32 team league in the future.

All this bs about North America not being able to support that many major pro teams is beyond ridiculous. What, exactly, makes Dallas a better place to support a hockey team than Phoenix? And how exactly does Dallas being able to support a team have any affect on whether or not Phoenix can?

The problems with almost every team in trouble have little to do with location and the ones that do have to do with location are not recent expansion teams. These teams are not victims of market. Every market needs to be handled differently, to be sure. But Florida is not naturally a worse market than San Jose.

Columbus is a victim of poor on-ice management. Even a marginally successful team in that market would have no problems.

Phoenix is a victim of a bad lease.

Florida is a victim of poor management, both on and off the ice (off-ice meaning things like promotions and marketing). Hopefully that's changing.

The two teams that I think might be victims of location are the Islanders and the Devils, although more so the Islanders. In the 70s, the economic atmosphere may have been conducive to a suburban hockey team in a market like NY. In modern times, who knows if that's really the case. I have doubts

And the Atlanta Thrashers were victims of a management group who didn't understand how to run a hockey team and, quite frankly, didn't care that much.

And you won't be able to name another team in trouble.

There are natural challenges to overcome in "non-traditional" markets, there isn't any doubt of that. But San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Dallas, St Louis, often Tampa Bay and more recently Nashville have all shown it can be done. So why not Florida, Atlanta or Phoenix? The whole premise is flawed.

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