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09-02-2012, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
Kool aid is flowing strong in this thread...

Kaberle "underrated" ?

Not to anyone whose actually been watching him play.

He's a 4.25m$ veteran dman who 4 consecutive NHL coaches used as minimally as they could at ES.

Does he have skill, absolutely, so does Gomez...

But he's clearly changed something in his approach to the game which has significantly reduced his effectiveness. Maybe he looked in the mirror this summer and realizes he's pissing away what could easily be 3-5 more years of top 4 caliber play, or maybe he looks at his bank statement and guaranteed contract and smiles.

We will know soon enough once the season starts if he's committed to paying the price, but his recent body of work suggests otherwise, and that does not make him " underrated"
I don't think anyone is arguing that he's a good top 4 option. If they are then they are dead wrong IMO.

Its more that the denigration has gone too far. For next season he looks to probably bring more to the table than say, Diaz.

We're past the point of expecting "good" from Kaberle, but not past the point of "useful."

As for trade value, people should keep in mind he was way better for Montreal than he was for Carolina, where he was brutal which is why his market value was a few months of Spacek. The player that was in Montreal should resemble the market value of a very similar player and contract in Zidlicky, not worth much but movable for minor assets. That's a matter of a team suddenly finding themselves short on puckmovement and PP skill, which is usually a matter of mid-season injuries.

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