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09-02-2012, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by llamapalooza View Post
A drop in cap without a salary rollback benefits nobody. None of the owners are going to vote to voluntarily put themselves in cap trouble, and there'd be less than no money left for any players who are looking for extensions. I think a rollback is most likely, but I could also see some system where current contracts are grandfathered in at a lower cap hit. For instance, let's say the cap went down to 85% of its current value. Backstrom has one year left on his contract, at $6m per. For the rest of the current contract (i.e., this year) he would be paid $6m but the cap hit would be 85% of that, or $5.1m. When he signs a new contract after that, the full value would count against the cap.
Thats basically how I would do it. Honor all current contracts at face value, but make them count as a percentage toward the cap, depending on the cap rollback they negotiate.

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