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Originally Posted by RNH View Post
Anybody still play JRPGS?

Sephiroth is honsetly the best video game villianever with the possible expection of Zanza (or maybe Liquid)
As time has gone on Sephiroth and FF7 have become more and more overrated IMO. The game was a huge success and very well done, but I actually prefer FF6 a lot more. I think the thing that always got me about FF7 (and a lot of PSX games in general actually) is that people hyped up the amazing graphics, when really it was the prerendered videos that blew people's minds.

As a result I don't really play JRPGs anymore.

Jon Irenicus is probably one of my favourite villains. Or Kreia from KOTOR 2 (in spite of the bugs I like that game a lot). Or Kefka from FF6! That laugh! LOL

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