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Originally Posted by JuniorNelson View Post
This league has held a monopoly for too long. They are abusing it!

Bettman has one trick that he rolls out every few years, knowing the Player's Union is a joke. Why not insist the owners are starving? Why not claw back wages? Who is going to stop it? Is the guy losing out a year of his very brief working life going to tough it out on a strikeline? Hahahaha!

What's the average career of the average player? Five years? In the NFL it's three. Is a guy going to give up twenty percent of his lifetime earnings to save the Owners?

It's ****. Time to start a new league. Seriously!
Now if only there were rich enough business men with the facilities and infastructure to set up this league. They would also need enough money to be able to pay the players millions unless they become like CFL players and play for 50 grand.

Wait all of a sudden its starting to sound like the you need a bunch of rich old men to get this league off the ground and at that point what differentiates it from the NHL?

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