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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
there are plenty of top players picked after the rangers pick every year...picking in the top 10 helps but doesn't guarantee anything either.

there is a reason why some teams like nj and det pick late in the 1st round every year but continue to draft and develop players and remain competitive and teams like columbus and the isles pick top 5ish and continue to suck

and we have stockpiled those players cause those are the type of players we've drafted. we have focused on character, seemingly at times at the expense of talent, but there has been plenty of top talent that we passed on.
Other than Claude Giroux, what big time scorers have we missed out on since we started drafting well in 04? It's too early to tell on Tarasenko versus McIlrath, but that pick seemed more about filling a role than focusing on character. Clark and Gorton definitely have an affinity for guys with the right stuff, but I don't see any shortage on talent in their picks.

Of the top 10 scorers in the league this year you have four first overall picks, a second overall, a third overall, a fifth overall, and three other guys. So yeah, it's possible to get a guy like that outside the top 10, but it happens very, very rarely. You can't expect a constant influx of star scorers. Yes you'd like to steal one in the draft every few years (and Kreider might be just that), but for continued success you're going to have to look to make a deal to bring in talent every so often.

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