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Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
You can argue Orr for sure (that's the traditional pick... note I said you can argue Lidstrom as the greatest overall D, not that it's right). Guys, Lidstrom was an exceptional D for two decades and during his prime no one was consistently as good he was in all phases. Borque and Shore were great but not better than Lidstrom overall IMO. Orr is the "Michael Jordan pick" but Lidstrom was outstanding in all facets of the game and he was extremely consistent at the highest level.

There might've been guys with bigger slapshots on the PP, guys who dished out more punishment, guys who skated faster but no guys who had the total package the way he did and who brought it every single night.

Again, NOT arguing he's "better than Lemieux". As I said it's a stupid comparison (there's only one or two people to compare to Lemieux and their names rhyme with Shane Schmetzky and Rordie Row, as far as being "the best ever / most dominant ever during their primes" type argument).

However if Lidstrom had been a Penguin I wager attitudes in this thread would be a lot different at least as far as tolerating people talking about both of them as being among the greatest players ever.
CV, there's literally no argument for Lidstrom (or any defenseman) over Orr. Orr was not only great in all aspects of the game, he was transcendent.

There's a reason why there's "The Big Four" when it comes to discussion of the greatest ever, and then there's everybody else. That's no disrespect to Lidstrom, because anyone outside of those four who's ever played the game is in the same boat.

People who call Lidstrom even with Lemieux in terms of greatness really doesn't have the experience to talk about the subject knowledgeably, and ought to spend some time on the HoH board. And this doesn't have anything to do with the Wings either, because the same argument would apply if somebody wanted to compare Lidstrom to Howe.

They're on different tiers.

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