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09-03-2012, 12:13 AM
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How about 'Cowboy' Bill Flett's beard...
"Flett’s facial hair is part hockey legend, as some have*credited him with*starting the tradition of sporting a beard*for the playoffs.* Truth be told, while he may have been the first bearded player to hoist the Stanley Cup, it wasn’t a playoff thing*- it was his every day look.* Realistically, the*tradition probably belongs to the Islanders of the early 80s."

Or the most infamous beard story of them all:
"...One time on a whim, Barry Ashbee lit teammate "Cowboy" Bill Flett's bushy beard on fire with a cigarette lighter as teammates and a reporter sat around. Flett quickly snuffed out the flame, dipped his beard in his mug of beer (apparently to cool off) and then downed the rest of the beer in one long gulp. Impressed that the Cowboy never even flinched, Ashbee announced the next round was on him.

Everyone laughed uproariously except the horrified reporter, who got up and left after telling them they were all insane. That provoked even more laughter. Such was life around the Broad Street Bullies. They could be as rowdy off the ice as they were on the ice, and they had a real good time. "

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