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09-03-2012, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Fictionzero View Post
Not sure of a place it's listed. But how you mainly judge a players worth is their initial rating... A,b,c... Etc etc and their growth rating. Also a,b,c, etc etc.

So in other worthy a C rated Player with an A growth rating is worth more than a B rated player with a D growth rating. Because the B player is past peak/prime. And the C rated is pre-peak/prime with high expectations. And will at least match the B rated player or possibly surpass.

Hope that helps.
I get the ratings. My question is can you actually find those ratings for the prospects in the game already? Or are people just basing it on what they know about them in real life? EA has never seemed all that accurate with prospect ratings. I would have a very hard time predicting what they give any of the prospects on my team.

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