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09-03-2012, 01:31 AM
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How good will my skating have to be for my "Beginner Learn to Play" Class?

Not sure if you remember or not, but i'm the guy who is in Chris Chelios' "Learn to Play" class that starts up Thursday night. School started a few weeks ago and i havn't been able to get to the public skates like i wanted to.

-I can skate backwards very comfortably
-I can do forwards crossovers pretty well
-I can do backwards crossovers...kind of...i was told that i dont need to pick my foot up when i cross it over my other foot (not sure if that's right or not)
-I can do a hockey stop but only with my left foot leading, cant do it with the right

-I tried stopping going full speed for the first time last week and it resulted in my worst fall i've ever had. Went feet first into the boards (hard) and hit my head on the ice (not very hard)
-I can kind of do transitions but my skates scrape a lot (not sure if they're supposed to) and also havn't tried those full speed yet

I think its pretty safe to say that i'm nervous about this class because i have no idea what to expect. It is a Beginner class but what does that even mean? What can i expect on Night 1?

Thanks in advance

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