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[Video] A Reminder of the Real Alexander Ovechkin and What "Back to Form" Should Mean

Throughout his career, Alexander Ovechkin has widely been regarded as one of the NHL's greatest players. When Alex first joined the NHL, he dazzled spectators across the globe with his speedy, passionate, aggressive, powerful style of play; after only his rookie season, people were determined he was the league's next generational talent, and many ranked him first on their list of top NHL players. He earned the Calder Memorial Trophy that year, scoring 52 goals and 106 points as a rookie. He then proceeded to average 50+ goals throughout his next four seasons, peaking with a 65-goal campaign in 2007-08. Sportsnet's Scott Morrison ranked him #1 on his list of greatest modern era left wingers of all time in his 2010 CBC-commissioned book, "Best of the Best: Ranking the Greatest Players of All Time."

Since 2010, however, a vast majority of analysts have believed Ovechkin's style has changed since his early years, speculating a poor work ethic, the Washington Capitals' implementation of a defensive system, injuries, and poor fitness. Ovechkin's point production has not been the same either, and he has averaged only 35 goals in his past two seasons in contrast with the 50+ he averaged in his first five NHL seasons. Fans have hoped he would "return to form" and demonstrate consistently the abilities he still possibly possesses. Unfortunately, the Ovechkin of recent years has appeared much slower, less creative with the puck, and particularly passive offensively; other players have since usurped him as the league's very best.

I put this together because even I had forgotten just how brilliant and exciting Ovechkin used to be. It would be difficult to recognize that player based on what we've seen these past few years. He was fast and looked so driven to score.

This video should serve as a reminder to not only Caps fans, but also everyone, of the explosive speed and spectacular skill set Ovechkin once used on a nightly basis to captivate and excite his audience. The goals and plays seen highlight the very reasons why people once considered him the greatest player on the planet. While he still may have the shot, his dynamic skating abilities and enthusiasm have rarely been seen in recent years -- perhaps this is one reason why his effectiveness may have diminished. Though possibly inaccurate, there were a few in 2006 who compared the rookie Ovechkin to fellow Russian, Pavel Bure, due to their explosive speed and tremendous hands. This is why.

This is the Ovechkin of old, a youthful, energetic human highlight reel. Alexander Ovechkin, now 26, is only a shadow of his former self. If he ever realizes what he could once again be, perhaps he would reclaim his position as the most dominant force the NHL has seen in years.

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