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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
Question on Pulock: I understand he is a very good all-round player, very smart and well built. But does he have that "it" factor, the ability to take charge and control the pace of the game?

I ask because I watched a few games of his during the U-18 and he looked like a very good player, but I felt a guy like Morrissey had more potential to really control the game. Really agile, very slick, moves the puck very well but also engages in physical battles (although could add a few pounds).

Also, Pulock seems to be already developed already and I truly believe prospects are better when they have big talent and big frames, but have room to fill out, suggesting there is more to come once the player puts on some muscle. Pulock seems to be already filled out.

Reason why I am asking is because I'm trying to make rankings, and as I am going through name by name, Pulock is slowly falling. I am even contemplating putting Shea Theodore above him because of his lanky frame and offensive upside.

P.S The only viewings I have had is the U-18 so any comments is appreciated...
How Pulock and Morrissey will control a game are totally different. Morrissey will control a game through puck movement and skating while Pulock will control it by positional play and reads. I guess it depends on what you deem more important.

I will say this, Pulock has the game to become a (+/-) fiend. He was +33 last season and I think he will be a plus player throughout his career. His ability to shutdown at one end and create at the other is only 2nd to Seth Jones, in my mind.

Morrissey has his struggles defensively, but I think he is on the same curve Morgan Rielly was on. He's prime to take on a big role with the Raiders this upcoming season. He's a bit stockier than Rielly, but doesn't have that elite vision that Rielly has, but that may come in time. I think the Raiders will be better this season and Morrissey will be a big reason why.

Theodore has to show me a lot more, like playing some better defense, before I would rank him ahead of Pulock or Morrissey. Theodore has solid offensive instincts but his play away from the puck needs to improve.

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