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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
We are at the Ben Maxwell type of trade time for Weber. Good luck elsewhere. You deserve a shot. But not with us. But his lack of progression is not solely on him. We tried the best we could to play in his head with all this forward/defense movement with him. And on D, he ends up playing limited minutes. And then we wonder why he fails when he plays more......Like every person, he needed confidence and playing time at his position. Not saying that if we trade him, he's going to be an all-star. Not a fan as well. But he might do better than we think he'll be doing. But it's not the point anymore. We need to find somebody else we can use to get his career going as well.

Not that I disagree, but aren't you one of the first to criticize management for giving away young players who go on to be successful elsewhere? Isn't that what this will likely be? His value is bordering on nothing at this point. I would like to squeeze him into the lineup at some point in hopes he'll contribute on the 2nd pp and up his value some.

I would of preferred to suffer the woes of weber than to sign kaberle, who has as many shortcomings in the d-zone. Kabs is superior offensively to this point, but we've kind of positioned ourselves to never know what we've got in weber. Weber is still young, I'd much rather evaluate him on my borderline playoff team then give his minutes to a similar one dimensional player who's career is likely nearly done.


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