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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
The Rangers missed the playoffs for seven straight seasons and sold out MSG throughout them. The Flyers had the worst record in the league in 06-07 and were seventh in total attendance and sold 98.9 percent of tickets that season.

It's a 30 team league. About 10 or more teams a season always need to be in or around the basement. Too many teams exist who can't be economically viable while they're not good. Trying to cater to them by cutting the cap way down just hobbles the league.

Like I said before, jack up the revenue sharing and leave the cap more or less alone. You're never going to see much in the way of profits outside of the big markets. You're never going to see the Panthers and the Coyotes generating lots of cash. It's not going to happen. If they want to ride the Rangers' economic coattails, then fine. Just don't try and drag the big markets down with you.

You're way offbase. The NFL can afford to do that because the NFL generates a massive amount of money that dwarfs the other three big U.S. sports. They generate so much cash that they can share ALL revenue equally. Plus, you have smaller market teams with gigantic fanbases likes the Packers. You're not going to see that in hockey. At best, you'll see something similar to the revenue sharing systems in MLB or the NBA.
I went to two rangers-flyers games in philly that year, place wasn't even half-filled. I had extra tickets for one of the games and got $10 for both outside. The attendance numbers were based on tickets sold, and all the tickets were sold before the season began. The Rangers were not selling out through the whole 7 years. After the first 3 seasons, most games were not sold out and certainly there were plenty of no-shows.

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