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09-03-2012, 10:35 AM
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A couple of weeks ago my students (I teach HS) asked if I fought anyone in hockey. I gave them a puzzled look and said "who would I fight? A guy isn't going to fight me, and the girls I play with are all my friends, so why would I fight with them?"

They told me I had to have at least one hockey fight in my life, so I should just drop my gloves and say "it's ON" to someone. I told my hockey friends about it and we had a mock fight, complete with 'it's ON' - it was made very clear to me that unless you say those two words, it doesn't count for anything.

Now sometimes we end up next to each other on the face-off and one of us will give the other a look and say the magic other chirp necessary.

Maybe once my league games start this Monday where I'm playing against people I don't know and am not friends with, I'll get a chance to hear some better chirps. But since I'm still a beginner, I tend to keep my mouth shut. It's no fun to chirp someone when they'll probably be able to get the puck away from you without even trying.

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