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09-03-2012, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jumping View Post
It must be galling to Ed Snider's Ayn Randian heart to see that the people who make money in the NHL, the Flyers, Rangers, Leafs etc... have very little say in the whole matter at hand. You would think that the successful guys could tell the lesser teams what they were going to accept rather than the other way around.
I would suggest that the NHL call it a day on the Sunbelt USA. It is ridiculous to think that they will succeed here. The Thrashers left here in Atlanta and there is hardly anyone that cares any more. The only way that a team can succeed down in the South - where even NFL football is the number 3 sport behind College Football and High School football is to have dynamic owners. These people don't exist for hockey.
The last time they had a strike I agreed with the owners. But it is their fault that they did not transform their business model and they won't get a governmental bailout. My sympathies are with the players this time.
I don't agree with completely abandoning the Sunbelt. The existence of teams like the Panthers don't bother me, and I think the Hurricanes have developed a good fan base, even if they're oblivious to how awful their GM is. This is only an estimated guess, but it seems they've been holding better than the Bobcats are, even though they play in two different cities. And those were the two franchises I pegged not to survive after the last lockout. And I have no problem at all with trying to get into Ohio, I mean it's not the south, but people act like 'why do we have a team in Columbus?' I would like to grow the game in the 8th most populous state. Nashville, I think, has also made it.

I think there should be a commitment to growing the game in the south, but there are still markets in the northern US that should still have teams. If I could wave a magic wand, I'd have teams in both Seattle and Portland. And Kansas City has an arena....

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