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09-03-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockey8Alberta View Post
Grimaldi is too high. I know Pronman (Typed Pornman the first time) has his own particular way of assessing prospects and certain criteria/styles he is prefers because of his statistical outlook on these things, but for me Shore is a much much safer bet to be an NHL player.

Don't think Howden has elite upside, but can be a solid 50-60 two way in his prime, and i'd at this point rank that over Grimaldi too, along with Knight.

Markstrom is too low, but i understand how he rates Goalies, so no point discussing much there.

Bengtsson had an awful development year. He'll have to make huge strides this year. Not nearly as promising as one hoped when we took him.

Glad to see Mcfarland not rated.

Kosov/Delnov the interesting wildcards. From what i've seen of Kosov, i think he can be an effective complimentary Forward. Not a typical Russian Forward. So many variables that are hard to project with Russian domestic players though.

Interesting that we clearly still scouting in Russia beyond the obvious, and are not afraid to draft from there if they like somebody. Kosov/Delnov were certainly relatively unknown to a wider audience.

No doubt we have a very very solid prospect pool, although the last draft was very meh for me. Not really a fan of Matheson. Good skating can often mask a lack of other exceptional abilities for Defenseman at the draft IMO.

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