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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
What makes that all the much different from runningbacks though? I never tried a 2 qb league though I wouldnt mind trying something new like that. But in the current formats with how dominant running backs are if you miss out on the elite ones you're screwed especially with 2 to 3 slots being filled by them. I mean I guess there are some running backs by committee teams out there and thus offering up more mediocre running backs to draft compared to teams usually just using 1 QB and thus only 32 available period. But even if you have the worst starting qb in the league it's still better than having the worst starting running back and the point differential between top running back to worst running back and top qb to worst qb, i'd imagine that the runningback one would be a larger gap. (except for aaron rodgers more freakish days)
Because multiple running backs will get carries for every team that plays every week.

How often do back-up QBs see the field without an injury happening?

A lot of it also just goes with 'that's the way it is' sense...the 2 RB system has been the dominant fantasy system since I played in my first league, likewise with 1 QB. You get tuned to draft a certain way and RBs hold the highest value in fantasy football because of the system...but when you run the 2 QB system it's easily flipped to the QBs because even average QBs will outscore most running backs most weeks. Using Yahoo's traditional scoring system the top 5 fantasy scorers were QBs last year and guys like Mark Sanchez were in the top 25 overall (ahead of guys like Marshawn Lynch, Matt Forte, and Chris Johnson).

The difference between #1 scoring QB Aaron Rogers and #24 scoring QB Rex Grossman was a noticeable 279 (442 to 163). That same difference between running backs was pretty huge itself - Ray Race had about 375 points compared to Roy Helu's 167...but Helu only had 56 fewer points than the #12 RB, Michael Bush. The difference between RBs 6-20 is surprisingly small and dictated largely by offensive lines and match-ups. With QBs there's basically 10 good ones and a bunch of crap when it comes to fantasy.

That and the odds of finding a sleeper RB are a bit higher than finding a sleeper QB. I won last year's league largely on the back of finding that 'sleeper' QB in Cam Newton (who I expected nothing of last year...but I wanted a back-up QB and it made more sense to take him than spend a pick 5 rounds earlier on a 'safe' back-up), but I've won far more leagues because I had that year's break-out RB.

The year I picked up Arian Foster in the 18th round in every league was a very good year for me.

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