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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
But that's none of the reason he has star potential. Players that dominate the puck generally display superior hockey sense (Crosby, Datsyuk, or an Alfredsson), and although I think people go way too far knocking the kids on ice isn't one of his defining qualities. I'd compare his skill set and style of play to Ovechkin, a lesser version but he still approaches shifts similarly. Ovechkin doesn't dominate the puck....he grabs it and whistles it on net at any chance he gets, and if he sees someone guarding the shot he makes a one on one play. His game isn't complicated at all.

The best I've ever seen from Zibanejad is he's getting pucks on net as often as he can...and he's got the ability to do this. Not that he doesn't have the skating to beat a guy or have the size to run over a guy down low or what have you....but his puck possession qualities aren't likely to define him whatsoever.

Takes a lot more than physical talents to dominate the puck and high levels of hockey sense can't be expected just to appear out of thin air. Malkin can do it, not because of his physical tools but because he's got those tools and a very high level of hockey sense.
While I agree with you that in gerneral, the players that are able hold onto the puck are the more valuable/bigger impact guys, and that Zibby isnt neccesarily one of those guys. But on the other hand if said player has all of the best physical tools to work with, like Zibby does, then it makes up the difference in playing style between a playmaking/quaterback type player and powerful skating sniper/powerforward.

We already have some great playmakers and potential ones in our ranks, what we dont have is a Zibby, unless you count Michalek I guess. But I still think that its Zibby's one timer that will do big things for him in this league. We have two players players in Karlsson and Spezza (three if you count Alfie of course by this might not all happen next year) who are able to thread some incredible passes, and can place the puck on the tape of the stick of who they sent it to. I have no doubt they will figure out a way to incorporate that new weapon into our arsenal.

And I think the move to wing should stop anyones concern about his hockey sense because its really not bad to begin with, and he simply wont be carrying the puck nearly as much as a center would. When he does carry the puck he'll be forced to rely more on his physical tools and beat guys with strength and speed.

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