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09-03-2012, 02:15 PM
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The league can technically support 30 or more teams, but the fact remains that expansion is the bane of the nhl.

They did it to #1 split the franchise fees amongst the owners and #2 create a national market with a goal of a national tv deal.

The catch is that nearly every major problem with the league is linked to the expansion. The dilution of talent caused the inflation of salaries, not the rangers. With too few stars, the have nots either overpay for marginal talent or suffer through apathetic fans. The Drurys of the league fetch way too much.

The weak markets can't hold or attract talent. The fans don't stick around. The power markets earn regardless, and drown the expansion cities under the cap floor.

Its the players that somehow have to finance the bottom feeders, but no one dares propose that the big markets support their partners. I don't care if the give handouts or not, my team is fine. But if these owners won't help each other out, how do you make these ridiculous proposals to the union? How do you demand a rollback months after the crybabiest owners hand out record deals. They knew years ago they were forcing a rollback, its collusion.

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