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Originally Posted by PublicEnemy View Post
Okay, the results are in:

Cam Newton
Ben Roethlisberger
Joe Flacco

Victor Cruz
Jordy Nelson
Reggie Wayne
Justin Blackmon
Laurent Robinson
Danny Amendola
Brandon LaFell

Aaron Hernandez
Tony Gonzalez
Dustin Keller
Kellen Winslow

Chris Johnson
Frank Gore
Beanie Wells
Felix Jones

Dan Bailey

And the Texans' defense

Thoughts/opinions beyond the unnecessary random guys at the end?

EDIT: We had three people not show up, so they autopicked.
Good team, you don't need to have four TEs on the roster, especially if there's only one starting spot. Even if there are two, a 4th is unnecessary unless both starters have the same bye week.

EDIT: Guessing at the league/roster structure, you SHOULD have more than 4 RBs. I'd drop a TE and pick up a RB.

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