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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
Well he filled a desperately needed role for sure. When he came to the whale he was an automatic fixture on the pp, but he enever really had the impact predicted. He very quickly became a rock in his own end, as that was needed the most. It's hard to say if we every really had a number one, but we've had a lot of legit dmen. Quenneville, Samuelson, chaisson, hedican, James Patrick, Jeff brown etc, a lot of guys who were close to number ones at some point, but never really got there or weren't there for us. I would agree Wesley was arguably the most well rounded, but in terms of offense we've had a bunch better. Chaisson stood out more than Wesley did all around to be honest in his first year or fact he stepped right in as number one the day he showed up in Hartford, over Wesley. Don't know if he really maintained that pace in greensboro.

I would take just about any of the above over Pitts.

Ps suter right now is a pretty fair comparison to what Wesley was at the time he came to the whale. Similar age, style, profile, huge contract. Very similar. I bet that's why jr was legit in the chase for him. It's funny watching fans tear up Burke for kessel when jr gave up more for Wesley. That's Toronto I suppose.
All strong points for sure. Chaisson certainly continued to be the more offensive threat between he and Wesley. We had a few guys in there offensively that could be considered more useful than Wes, it was just my contention that he did have something of an offensive role earlier in his career for those that simply remember him as the inoffensive shut down guy he eventually became. I would even argue at some point during his tenure that Sean Hill flirted with being the real deal for a few seasons. The year he had in 1999-2000 was as strong of an all around season as anybody has put up here. 44 points and 13 goals in 62 games while averaging 24:31 per night.

Then he signs that deal in St. Louis and wrecks all the forward momentum he had in his role here. He comes back in 2001-2002 and plays as underrated of a role as anybody played on that team.

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