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09-03-2012, 03:45 PM
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My chirps are nothing special but I'm certainly an agitator, less with words and more with actions. Before a game my team will identify the other teams best player and I go from there. If we line up on the draw I'll ask "will you waive me good-bye? I'm gonna miss you". They always ask what the hell you're talking about. So allow a period to go bye, next time you see them on the ice at the right time give them a little poke of the stick into the back of their knee. Not too hard, just enough to annoy. If that doesn't work then next time they skate bye stick a shoulder out when they don't have the puck. You'll get a reaction with either, believe me. He'll get pissed, maybe try and fight you but he'll definitely shove you. Just smile. Keep smiling...annnnnddd he just got a stupid penalty. This is your que to waive. They never waive back. He'll go to the box in shame because he realized how stupid he now looks. Don't get me wrong, I do fight sometimes but I am a skilled player who enjoys getting under people's skin. I'm a guy who has a really dumb smile on my face when the other guy is pissed...which makes it even worse.

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