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09-03-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by FinRuutu View Post
Thats just ********.

Calling HIFK the Vityaz of Finland is downright ignorant. HIFK's style of play is harder than most but gooning, c'mon.

There is absolutely nothing that justifies Ben-Amors acts and it's insulting that you guys even try to defend a player that has just hospitalized my teams captain. I wouldn't defend Melart (for example) if he wen't postal like that, blindsiding and punching a guy who is already out.

I don't mind if a team retaliates if it's in the norms of hockey, Ruutu fighting Liivik was OK because both knew what they were doing. Semir Ben-Amor was the one of two Jokerit players who I liked before this incident but that is clearly now gone.

Even if you don't like something, HIFK in this case, you still can judge things as they are.
HIFK-fan I suppose....

I didn`t defend Ben-Amor. I think he should be banned from hockey. So should your own "golden-boy", fan-favorite Ilari Melart. He actually did jump Ruutu from behind and hit him multiple times in the head without Ruutu hitting back! Salmi from Hifk attacked Jokerits Ilari Filppula(Who never fights) and hit him in the head against the ice until another jokerit player cane to rescue. Jokela attacked Rita - another skillplayer from jokerit...

I hate Jokerit more than Hifk, but in this case they are both to blame. The thing just is - HIFK has a history of gooning it up and they seem to continue it.

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