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I'm a guy, around 6' tall, 180 lbs, have been playing hockey for almost 20 years, and I generally prefer 75 flex seniors to 85 flex seniors (depending on the brand). I definitely think you should be using an intermediate stick as a 5'7" girl, in fact I think an intermediate would be perfect even for a lot of very experienced 5'7" guys.

Another question, how long are you cutting your sticks? I think a lot of newer players leave them too long, and an overly long stick can make everything more difficult, not just stick handling but shooting too. I'd say a good starting point for stick length is roughly chin height when you're in your skates, with the stick vertical in front of you with the tip of the blade on the ice. Obviously if you're cutting a stick down significantly, it's got to be flexible enough to start with so that it doesn't turn into a lead pipe.

As for just getting flex when you're shooting in general, I think Kovalev has some good tips in this video:

If you can get past the choppy English, there's some good advice there. Especially around the middle of the video where he talks about getting your body weight forward, towards the net, not back. You want to really get your balance/weight forward and aggressive, towards the net, and have nice steady pressure on your stick throughout the shot. You also want to make sure you're cupping the puck (so your blade is closed) early in the shot, this really helps you generate flex and power. Bad shooters have their blade open, their weight back, and just sort of chip at the puck, while good shooters have their weight forward, their blade closed (early in the shot, at least), and get steady pressure throughout the shot.

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