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I guess I should copy my post here, because I crave for attention:

Some thoughts about Saturday's Jokeri-HIFK:


- Friday's game: Jarkko Ruutu delivered a suspicious hit on Iiro Pakarinen, who apparently twisted his wrist and got injured. Ruutu got sent away, though I think 2+10 would have been enough. But that's what you get for wearing a Ruutu-jersey.

Episode I
- Saturday: After two minutes of playing, Ilari Melart attacked Ruutu from behind and started hitting him on the back of his head. This went on for a while, even when Ruutu was down on ice. Melart got sent out, Ruutu laughed and kept playing.

- At the end of the 5-minute-PP, Jokerit's 17-yo forward Aleksi Mustonen was ready to make his debut and jumped on to ice. For reasons I dont know, he immediately turned back to the bench, allowing Semir Ben-Amor to get on the ice. Jokerit was starting their last PP-attack from behind their own net, but Ben-Amor rushed straight towards Ville Peltonen, tackled him, Peltonen got up quickly but was instantly hammered down by Ben-Amor. The beating went on for few seconds.

When this happened, IFK's defenseman Mikko Jokela tried to save Peltonen, but he was stopped by Jokerit's forward Jani Rita. They fought for a while, even though Rita never dropped his gloves and tried to wrestle his way out. Both got sent off, so did Ben-Amor. Peltonen was blurry and had to be carried away. He didnt play for the rest of the match.

Episode II

- Still in first period: puck wasnt near, but IFK's young defenseman Juuso Salmi attacked Jokerit's star-center Ilari Filppula from behind and started hitting him on the back of his head, while Filppula was on the ice. Luckily, Jokerit's forward Steve Moses was aware and jumped between them, no-one was injured.

Meanwhile, Jokerit's captain Väänänen was wrestling with some IFK-player and the referees, and suddenly IFK's Siim Liivik dropped his glove and punched Väänänen on the back of his head. Väänänen was more furious than anyone has ever been, but couldnt do anything.

At the same moment, Jokerit's Niemi and IFK's Åsten fought a little.

IFK: Salmi got sent away, Liivik 2+10, Åsten 2 minutes for roughing. Coach Sormunen got sent away.
Jokerit: Väänänen got sent away (not sure why), coach Lämsä got sent away.

Episode III

- Jarkko Ruutu has had it with Siim Liivik. After suckerpunching the captain, in second period Ruutu takes action. Gloves are dropped and Ruutu mold's Liivik's face into a new shape. 100-0 for Ruutu. Both got sent off.


- In the third period, IFK's Arttu Luttinen hits Jokerit's Jeremy Dehner in the numbers, rushing him to boards. Dehner wasn't injured, so no major penalties. While goalie Frans Tuohimaa heads to the bench for the extra player, IFK's Joakim Eriksson tackle's Tuohimaa lightly. Jokerit's assistant captain Riku Hahl has a word with the referees about this, but no result. Jokerit wins the game 5-1.


So, what do I think of this. Mostly, I think Jokerit was ready to play ice hockey, IFK wasn't. Melart's action after few minutes says it all. I don't think that attack was justified, because Ruutu's hit causing Pakarinen's injury was mostly bad luck. Melart want's to prove everyone he is a badass, and has been humiliated by Ruutu before.

Semir Ben-Amor. One of my favorite players, he plays hard, he is super-strong and can play ice-hockey. When his teammate is attacked, he always takes action. Always. When he got to ice, he was like a raging bull, locked on to IFK's best player and captain, then blasted full steam ahead without stopping. The punishment was too harsh, but in general, the message was 10/10. IFK's boneheads have been provocating Jokerit for a long time, and they were asking for this! Too bad for IFK, Jokerit has a bit tougher goons than they have.

I had a little orgasm when I saw Ruutu destroying Liivik.

Ben-Amor's attack = wrong
Was IFK asking for it? Yes.

That's about it.

Here's Semir Ben-Amor. I'm glad to have someone like him in my team.

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