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Originally Posted by FinRuutu View Post
Again you show that you don't read what I write and you just blow that crap out of your rectum.

Where do I promote goons? You should stop making things up to back up your nonsense.

Read the topic, it's about Ben-Amor going postal against Peltonen, not about Melart, Salmi or Jokela. Thats why I don't see the need of bringing them up because they are not anyway responsible what Ben-Amor did.

There is no point of continuing this discussion before you have read what I've wrote and stop using those made up things as facts. You're arguments are as flawed as your writing in general.
U truly are something... OFC its also about Melart, Salmi and Jokela - They gooned it up in the same game! U just dont wanna deal with it cause u promote your own team playing dirty! U said earlier that Ben-Amor and Ruutu were the only players from Jokerit u like - theyre the dirtiest! U got some issues son...

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