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09-03-2012, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by jonlin View Post
U truly are something... OFC its also about Melart, Salmi and Jokela - They gooned it up in the same game! U just dont wanna deal with it cause u promote your own team playing dirty! U said earlier that Ben-Amor and Ruutu were the only players from Jokerit u like - theyre the dirtiest! U got some issues son...
I've never said I like Ruutu so thats again more of your made up crap.

I don't promote dirty plays, thats your imagination speaking and I've never said anything to boost it.

Melart, Jokela and Salmi sure had their moments but nothing they did was nearly as bad what Ben-Amor did, thats why they don't belong into this topic, you can make own topic for those incidents at the Finland section.

and that "son" remark with that spelling of yours made me laugh out loud.

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