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09-03-2012, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by mbhhofr View Post
I was refereeing a Senior game. It was the 3rd period and the home team was up by four goals. There was one visiting player, who had been sitting on the bench for the whole game, up till then, who finally got on the ice for what was his one and only shift. The play ended and before the guy left the ice, he skated up to me and said that I was the sh**iest ref he ever saw. Just as he turned around to skate off, my reply was, "You're no sh** hot hockey player yourself." I was able to see the back of his neck turn red as he skated away.
Hah. I once got told when reffing "you've obviously never played the game" which was awkward because I actually play a higher level than the league I was reffing so I told him that and didn't hear from him the rest of the game.

Usually I try to avoid saying what you said though, its a little unprofessional

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